Monday, May 4, 2009


Sometimes in life we create such unforgettable memories, that each time we relive them its like reliving the most wonderful parts of our life. But even more precious are the people we create these memories with. Because it is only with very few special people that we are able to create those wondrous moments of sheer joy, when our heart beats with happiness.

But when we are distanced from those we love, the pain leaves our heart bloody. When the memories are the only anchor which stop our heart from sinking in the dreary waters of loneliness, its those happy moments that help us keep afloat.
When relations turn sour, and friends are lost and forgotten, life seems to loose meaning. To find that lost happiness turn back the pages of your life and reach back to once more hold that special persons hand and no matter how complex the situations in life are, be there for your friend. ... to be continued.

My Favourite Books

  • The Best Laid Plans (1997)
  • Morning, Noon and Night (1995)
  • Nothing Lasts Forever (1994)
  • The Stars Shine Down (1992)
  • The Sands of Time (1988)
  • Windmills of the Gods (1987)
  • If Tomorrow Comes (1985)
  • Master of the Game (1982)
  • Rage of Angels (1980)