Friday, August 7, 2009


रात के अंधेरे में , एक दिए की बाती की तरह
इस दिल की गहराईयों में , एक एहसास जलता है
Light brings hope, rekindles passion, gives direction. When lightening strikes, it lights up the stormy skies. The moonlight washes away the dark fears of the night. A candle burns away softly to give light to those around it. A light at the end of the tunnel gives hope that the end is near. Sunlight is life itself. A diya symbolizes Ram's victory. A young boy sitting under the street lamp, studying in the wee hours of the night, builds his future. Two pairs of eyes locked in an eternal gaze over a softly burning candle, oblivious to everyone around them, potray love.
... to be continued

Thursday, August 6, 2009

पंडित पाव भाजी वाला

"पंडित पाव भाजी वाला", One amazing example of brand popularity. All Jaipurites are well aware of the "चौपाटी" at Birla Mandir, JDA circle. Some time back, my cousin told me about this awesome pav-bhaji vendor who stands in front of Birla Mandir and also said that I really must try his pav-bhaji as it is really buttery and yummy. I decided to give it a try and concurred with my cousin after tasting the vendor's pav-bhaji that it really is yummy. Soon it beacame one of our favorite pav-bhaji hang out spot with friends.
Last month as I was passing in front of the Birla Mandir, the numerous vendor that usually stand there caught my eye. And guess what? There were at least 20 to 30 pav bhaji vendors standing one after the other, as they always did. And what were their names? Each and every one of them is called पंडित पाव भाजी!! With slight variations in their names, like New pandit pav bhaji, Old pandit pav bhaji, Famous pandit pav bhaji, Sabse purana pandit pav bhaji... etc. each of the vendors had taken up the famous brand name पंडित पाव भाजी.
Seeing such mass usage of a popular name in pav bhaji vendors, I felt that even the uneducated pav bhaji vendors seem to understand the importance of a popular brand name in their own way. I found this an interesting case study of branding at a very local level.

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