Monday, July 27, 2009

दोस्ती Continued ...

Coke ke saath Dost free! A very inspiring theme for a coke commercial. It makes me wonder, if it were to happen for real? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gift for so many of those lonely hearts out there… To find your soulmate, your buddy in a total stranger? Its believable. To me. So many of those lonely hearts yearn to be a part of that hep gang that seems to perpetually hang out at the canteen or the coffee shop. Fun? Hmm yeah maybe.

When I introspect, I realize that I have been blessed with some of the most loving friends. I may rave and rant to them about the most idiotic of topics but they would stand by me always. Solid rocks! No matter how many birthdays I might forget, no matter how long I loose touch, they r always there for me, my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. be continued


My visit to this natural wonder makes me want to share some thoughts about this beautiful water body. Pale pink and orange hues in the setting sun give it the most beautiful aura. It attracts not just hordes of people, but the skies over it flaunt an amazing variety of birds.
As the evening sun begins to set, dipping low over and yonder the hills, from the far horizons in the west one can see scores of green squawking parrots, flying in flocks overhead and crossing over to fly towards the eastern horizons, on their return journey to their nesting grounds from the feeding grounds.
As the sunlight begins to fade from somewhere near another water body of Udaipur, Lake Pichola, from a banyan tree in a park at the lake’s edge, come out the flying foxes (megabats), flapping their huge wings in the darkening sky. The flying foxes, more commonly known as fruit bats, come out to feed at dusk. Flying in the orange sky they look like phantoms, ready to swoop down on unsuspecting victims.
As i stood there under the evening sky, craning my neck upwards to see these marvelous creatures fly overhead, I could feel the freedom of these winged creatures.
The photographs were clicked by me just after the sunset on a cool rainy day.

My Favourite Books

  • The Best Laid Plans (1997)
  • Morning, Noon and Night (1995)
  • Nothing Lasts Forever (1994)
  • The Stars Shine Down (1992)
  • The Sands of Time (1988)
  • Windmills of the Gods (1987)
  • If Tomorrow Comes (1985)
  • Master of the Game (1982)
  • Rage of Angels (1980)